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Russian Windows App Translation

To run an app marketing campaign in Russia, you need to translate your application, description and keywords for the Windows Store to the language of the local customers. This makes your product immediately available to thousands of new users from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

How Can We Help?

Our Russian Translation Service is the easiest and most affordable way to get your application localized. Just contact our manager and we shall provide you with a native Russian translator who will localize the application and translate the description and keywords for the Windows Store. You only need to send your resource files to us and pay for the work.

Once you have the application localized, use our Windows App Marketing in Russia to get media coverage of the application launch and reach the Russian users.

Translation Case Study

Click the link below to read our case study describing how used our Russian translation service to promote their application in Russia and achieved outstanding results.

Russian Translation Case Study: Sibity Radar App


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