How to create a beautiful email address?

  1. What is Professional Email?
  2. Creating a Professional Email Address
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After buying a domain name, the first thing that any webmaster would like to do is create your own corporate email address, which ends with a domain name. There are people who do this using email providers such as, yandex, and pay for it. It seems that paying is rather illogical, especially when there is a simpler and more free way.

In this article we will show you how to create your unique email address with the name of your domain. For this we use web hosting, in our case it is Sprint.

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To create a unique email address, you must first register a domain and hosting.

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What is Professional Email?

Professional email is the type of Email that contains your company / domain name in the address. For example, support[email protected] is professional e-mail. Such an email address speaks of your professionalism, it looks prestigious, convenient and easy to remember. Here, for example, our Email address support service: [email protected] Beautiful isn't it?

Creating a Professional Email Address

Create a corporate email address is not difficult. Follow the instructions below, it only takes a few minutes.

1. First go to your Sprinthost control panel.

2. Then, select your site in the right column “Your sites”.

3. After that, click on the link "Mailboxes" above.

4. The new mailbox creation page will open. Click on the “New Mailbox” button.

5. Then, in the form that appears, create and enter your Username, password (twice) and click "Create".

Then, in the form that appears, create and enter your Username, password (twice) and click Create

6. After that, the page with the result of the operation will open.

In principle, this can be considered the operation of creating a professional email address is complete. From this point on, you can already give people your address and start using it. All your mail will now be stored on Sprinthost servers, and you can enter your mail by clicking on the mail icon in the top menu.

But we do not recommend that you use hosting to store mail, because There are some restrictions on the use of mail. Instead, we recommend that you redirect to your usual email at, yandex or

Create Redirects

To create a redirect, go back to the control panel Sprint and select your site in which you created the mail. Then click "Forward".

The create forwarding window will open. Enter your created corporate address and specify the final address to which the redirection will be created.

Congratulations! You have successfully created and set up your unique email address with your domain. Now check the correct work of forwarding and the deliverability of letters. Just send a verification email to your unique Email from another email. If the letter arrives at the final address, then everything is fine and you did everything right.

We hope that our article was useful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, or send them to us via email via the feedback form on the contact page. Also do not forget subscribe for updates our site to not miss anything.

What is Professional Email?
Beautiful isn't it?