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Android App Marketing in Russia

Do you want to attract customers to your Android application and increase the number of downloads in Russia? You need to run an Android app marketing campaign. The most important step towards a success here is to spread the word about your product via technology websites, review sites, blogs and forums that write about Android. If you get your application reviewed on a website like 4PDA, you’ll see the downloads of your application skyrocket in 24 hours.

How Can We Help?

We can help you get exposure for your application on technology websites and blogs in Russia. How to start? Send your press-release to us and pay for the work. We’ll translate your text, send it to our media contacts and arrange for the guaranteed publication of the news and application reviews.

Our Clients in Russian Media

Click the link below to read our case study describing how startup Xyrality used our Android App Marketing service to promote their application in Russia and achieved outstanding results.

Client Spotlight: Lords & Knights App


$150-500 USD depending on your application and marketing goals.

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