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Windows Phone App Marketing in Russia

Many developers want to promote their applications in Russia but aren’t sure how to do it. Launching an app on this market is an art that only a local app marketing company can help you with. There are many nuances here, from knowing the language for proper localization to having working relationships with technology websites and blogs that can generate the most buzz and downloads for your app.

How Can We Help?

Our Windows Phone App Marketing service is the easiest way to gain exposure in Russia and give a boost to installations. We shall do a concentrated promotion on technology websites, review sites and blogs to drive users to your application. All you need is to send your press-release to our manager and pay for the work. We’ll arrange for its guaranteed publication in popular Russian media.

Our Clients in Russian Media

Click the link below to read our case study describing how startup Sibity used our Windows Phone App Marketing service to promote their application in Russia and achieved outstanding results.

Client Spotlight: Sibity Radar App


$150-500 USD depending on your application and marketing goals.

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