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Paste information from the clipboard. The buffer is a kind of virtual storage. Where is the clipboard in Windows

  1. What is clipboard?
  2. How to enter the clipboard?
  3. How to clear the clipboard?
  4. Why clean the clipboard?
  5. Conclusion
  6. It is important to remember that the information in the clipboard is only:
  7. Sometimes they ask how to clean the clipboard?
  8. Where is the clipboard?
  9. Using additional programs to control the clipboard
  10. What is clipboard?
  11. Where is the clipboard and how can I see it?
  12. Clipboard hotkeys

Probably every user at least once had such a problem: you copied a link or number, and then copied the second link or number. And then you remembered that you forgot to save the first link or send it to someone. And you have to do everything again.

Some are aware of such a thing as a clipboard. Today we will analyze what a clipboard is, how to enter it, how to clear it, and why it is needed at all.

What is clipboard?

At the beginning of this article, we have not just cited the familiar story as an example. But, probably, half of the users do not understand how these links are saved when copying.

Clipboard is a kind of function. It is not only in smartphones, but in all computers, tablets, etc. When copying any text or file, it falls into the clipboard.

Many people think that if you, for example, copied text, and then copied another text, then the first one naturally disappeared into the unknown. In fact, it is. But there is one thing, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

How to enter the clipboard?

Various software will help us in this matter. You can’t find the clipboard in any smartphone, in any folder if you don’t set special program . In this case, it is Clipper +. The program is quite easy and functional. Some information about the main advantages of the program.

Clipper is a special utility with which you can use the clipboard. Its main advantages include:

  • Lightweight;
  • Borrows;
  • Not ;
  • It is possible to save up to twenty notes;
  • Automatic clipboard cleaning;
  • The minimum set of settings;
  • Editing copied text.

Lightweight;   Borrows;   Not ;   It is possible to save up to twenty notes;   Automatic clipboard cleaning;   The minimum set of settings;   Editing copied text

As mentioned earlier, if you copy the text, followed by the second, it will replace the first. In this program, both your copied text will be saved. Over time, they will disappear, but Clipper has a function of notes that will allow you to fix certain text. And such notes can be made up to 20 pieces.

Other benefits of Clipper

  • Two themes;
  • Ability to change the number of notes (you can set more than 20);
  • Import and export;
  • Synchronization.

How to clear the clipboard?

Clipper also has a clipboard cleaning feature. In the main window of the program there is a basket by clicking on which you can clear the buffer. By the way, everything will be deleted, except for the fixed notes. This is a huge plus.

Clipboard also cleans Clean master . And the last most banal way to clear the buffer will be to restart the smartphone.

Why clean the clipboard?

In general, the buffer is not necessary to clean. This is needed by very weak smartphones with a small volume. random access memory . Modern smartphones come with at least 1GB of RAM, so the cluttered buffer will not play a big role in performance.

But if you, in which the RAM is catastrophically low, then occasionally you need to clean the buffer in order to get at least a meager increase in performance.


Well, in this article we have discussed what the clipboard is, how to find it and how to clear it. It is worth remembering that the clipboard is a very useful feature in our smartphone, which greatly facilitates the use of the device, but it does not critically affect the system load.

However, if you have the Clipper program, then working with the buffer becomes much easier. You do not need to paste the copied entries into Notepad or Word. It is enough just to fix the record in the program and that's it. And the function automatic cleaning will save you from unnecessary trouble.

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We often, while working at a computer, could hear about a certain clipboard, that the information we selected was copied there, and then from there it is inserted into the place where we indicate. What is this function, what is it for and where is it located?

In fact, everything is simple, the clipboard is a place in the memory of a personal computer (PC), given to it for temporary storage of data with the ability to quickly transfer or copy them to a specified place. A bit blurry and incomprehensible?

Then, if in simple language, then an example from our life will be the situation when we memorize something in the mind, that is, in the near future we can write it down, sketch it, retell it or count it. But, if we read or see something else, then the previous one is usually forgotten, and we keep in memory the just received information (although the peculiarity of the people is that we cannot store too much data in our mind, but the computer can do the opposite).

The clipboard in the computer works in the same way. Typing in a text editor Word, we can easily select text (ctrl + a), copy the selection to the clipboard (ctrl + c) and, for example, paste it into another Text Document (ctrl + v). That is, we do the usual operations that are familiar to everyone who worked in Word.

By analogy with this example, the buffer works in other situations where you need to copy something, remember, move to another place (on the pages of Internet browsers, you can copy and paste videos, games, programs on the computer from one place to another) .

It is important to remember that the information in the clipboard is only:

  1. Before you copy anything else
  2. Before shutting down the computer

Therefore, if something is copied important, then it is better to put it right where it is, or it will simply be replaced or cleaned when turned off.

Sometimes they ask how to clean the clipboard?

In general, you do not need to clean it (maybe you meant how to clear the browser cache). It itself is quite well and quickly cleaned, especially when you restart or turn off the PC.

Where is the clipboard?

You can find it very easily in Windows XP. To do this, go through this path:

The local C drive is the Windows directory - then System32 is in it - here we are looking for the file we need called clipbrd.exe. If you open it, you can see what we copied last, it fit into the clipboard, that is, here. But it is so easy to view it only in Windows XP.

In Windows 7 and Vista, there is no such file anymore, there is one - clip.exe. But it can no longer be opened and viewed. Yes, this, in general, is unnecessary for most PC users.

Using additional programs to control the clipboard

If someone has the need to view it, to keep a history of what has fallen into it, then you can use any program designed for this purpose. There are plenty of free ones; we will not analyze them in the article, since the vast majority of users do not need this.

In general, in order to find such a program for yourself, then on any “search site’s free clipboard manager” search site, you will be presented with a large number of them to choose from. True, you do not need to forget some rules for downloading files

Honestly, each of us uses the clipboard when working on a computer. Well, almost everyone, and in some cases we use it a hundred or other times a day. But many users do not even know what it is. Today I will fill this gap.

What is clipboard?

The clipboard (from the English clipboard) is an intermediate data store that provides software . It is necessary to copy or transfer between applications or parts of an application using copy, cut and paste operations. In most cases, applications use the clipboard, which is provided by the operating system, as, for example, in the case of Windows. Some applications have their own clipboard, available for use only by the application.

Interestingly, the application can write to the clipboard one information in various formats. For example, you select text on a page in a browser and copy it. If you try to insert it into a simple text notepad, you will only see text. But if you try to transfer it to a text editor, say, from Microsoft, it will be moved along with the pictures and even the markup.

Now let's take examples. Suppose you copied some text that was transferred to a text document. As long as you do not copy anything else, this text will be on the clipboard and can be inserted into any other text document. To remove this information, you need to copy something else. This can be either text or a picture or any other file. After turning off the computer, of course, the clipboard is cleared.

Where is the clipboard and how can I see it?

If you use operating system Windows 7 or Vista, there will be a problem with viewing the contents of the clipboard. And all because there is no such possibility. Good or bad, it’s not for me to judge, but the fact remains.

Despite this, the system has an application that is responsible for the clipboard. It is called clip.exe and is located in the Windows / system32 folder. You cannot open it, but if you hover your mouse over it, you will see the following description: “Clip - copying data to the clipboard”. Honestly, sometimes it is a pity that there is no possibility to view the contents of the buffer, since this information may be very necessary. I recommend you to use clipboard widgets, of which there are plenty of online ones. They can not only show the copied text or file, but also remember all the copied material for a certain time. Very convenient in some cases.

In this regard, those who continue to use Windows XP are much more fortunate because it has the ability to view the contents of the buffer without any third-party programs or applications. To do this, go to the Windows / system32 folder and find the file clipbrd.exe, run it, and then you will see the copied material. The file can be opened a little easier: press the WINDOWS + R key combination, type clipbrd.exe (without quotes and other characters) and press Enter, and then you will see a window with the text or the location of the copied file.

Clipboard hotkeys

Here, in general, there is nothing complicated. On the contrary, easy. You can copy, cut and paste files or text with the mouse (select text or a file, right button mouse, then choose desired item ). There are also so-called hot keys that allow you to work with the clipboard more quickly and conveniently:

  • Copy selected object: CTRL + C
  • Inserting an object from the clipboard: CTRL + V
  • Cutting the selected object to move it: CTRL + X

I hope you understand everything now. And if you have any questions, do not forget that you can ask them using comments.

What is clipboard?
How to enter the clipboard?
How to clear the clipboard?
Why clean the clipboard?
Where is the clipboard?
Where is the clipboard and how can I see it?
What is clipboard?
How to enter the clipboard?
How to clear the clipboard?
Why clean the clipboard?