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Russian Translation Case Study: Sibity Radar App

Russian Translation and Localization Service for Launching Radar App in Russia

Would you like to promote your mobile application in Russia? Here’s our new post in a series of case studies describing how other companies used our Russian translation and marketing services to launch their applications in Russia and achieved excellent results. This time we are talking about a technology startup called Sibity and its app.

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Emerging App Markets: Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey

Today we are happy to publish the latest Distimo Report, Emerging App Markets: Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey. You can download the full report .

Distimo wrote a publication one year ago about the rise of the application market in a number of East Asian countries. Over the course of the past year the application market in those same East Asian countries continued to grow at a high pace, while at the same time other markets also started to adopt smartphones. Distimo analyzed the application market in the top 30 countries over the course of the past year in terms of revenue, and found four emerging countries to be especially interesting: Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Turkey. All developers that develop for multiple markets should keep an eye on these countries, as they showed strong growth during the past year, and are likely to accelerate their growth.

This report covers four of the top growth markets for applications: Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Turkey for the Apple App Store for iPhone, Apple App Store for iPad and Google Play. All revenue data in this report covers the revenues generated by the top 200 highest grossing applications, unless otherwise noted. The analysis is limited to the 30 countries that have generated the most revenue during May 2012.

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Marketing Radar App for Windows Phone in Russia

Are you curious what others are doing to achieve success with marketing applications in Russia? Here’s a story about a mobile startup called Sibity that marketed their with our help and achieved outstanding results. You’re guaranteed to find inspiration for your efforts in marketing your application for Windows Phone in Russia here and learn about the tactics that can work for your mobile application too.


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