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Marketing MobisleNotes App for iPhone and iPad in Russia


Some developers market their mobile apps in Russia, but many still don’t. For those who are not afraid to step into this huge market, the results can be quite impressive.

One company that promotes their applications in Russia is Mobisle Apps. While most others simply translate the iTunes description of their app and wait for customers to come, Mobisle Apps runs full-blown marketing campaigns in Russia. We’ve put together a list of publications after their recent PR campaign to provide you with some inspiration and a great case study for reference. Take a look and see how far you can go, too!

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Marketing Lords & Knights App for Android in Russia

Are you interested in marketing your Android application in Russia? Do you want to know what others are doing to create customer interest and increase installations there? Then you’ve come to the right place. This article highlights Xyrality that promoted their Lords & Knights game in Russia with our assistance. The tactics we used to create customer interest around their application can work for your project too. So let’s dig in!

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Marketing Radar App for Windows Phone in Russia

Are you curious what others are doing to achieve success with marketing applications in Russia? Here’s a story about a mobile startup called Sibity that marketed their with our help and achieved outstanding results. You’re guaranteed to find inspiration for your efforts in marketing your application for Windows Phone in Russia here and learn about the tactics that can work for your mobile application too.


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10 Portals and Blogs to Promote Your iPhone App in Russia

So you’ve decided to promote your iPhone application in Russia. You have the Russian version on the App Store and now you want to let people know about it. How to spread the word out? Well, start a press release campaign and pitch bloggers to review the app. There are many editions out there, in this post I shall highlight just a few of the most popular ones. Continue reading

Promoting Filmoteka App for iPhone and Android in Russia

Hello! While you were on summer vacations, we prepared to launch a new service – Marketing iPhone and Android Applications in Russia. To promote mobile apps, we send press-releases to computer portals, magazines and pitch bloggers to review your application. We can promote your app in Russia and USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand. The desire to participate in the era of “gold rush” at the Apple Store and Android Market has been bugging me for a year, but I decided to promote two-three apps to launch the service with real examples of promotion, not to be unfounded.

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